Notes on Rehab

When mental health problems get bad enough, sometimes intermittent help isn’t quite enough. Sometimes you need to go to a facility equipped to give help 24/7 for a while. And that can be hard, but helpful.

I don’t plan on addressing it directly (so far), but being in a treatment facility changes a person. It helps, that’s why they exist, but it also shifts perspectives on other things, like autonomy levels and privacy. What exactly happens is also largely dependent not only on the facility but the particular staff and other residents the people interact with. (The main focus is on the individual themselves, of course, but part of that is interacting daily with a lot of people constantly, by choice or not. …possibly a ramble for another time)

I worked at a teen treatment facility for a few years, and I’ve seen friends go through various types of treatment, sometimes with extended stays. Shida, at least in Lyon, has attended an eating disorder facility for a while. She’s been out for several years, but once back out in the ‘real world’ there are things to re-learn and re-establish, and adjustment can take a long while.

Anyway, I want to point to this article below, highlighting a few things that one deals with after leaving a rehab facility. (there are many things, of course, but these are a few large ones from this person’s experience)

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