Parties Only Last So Long

Pirate captain Shida has successfully exchanged the princes (Hawk and Zamir), via cronie pirates of course, and everyone's happy. The pirates got a good amount of ransom, and the princes are safe and back home. So what's the kingdom to do? Celebrate, of course! One week later, because ya gotta plan a party, at least... Continue Reading →


Cheese and Thyme Soda Bread

Super quick, tasty looking bread! Maybe Shida would try this to impress Hawk; maybe not in her outcome, but in her effort, haha.
-though this seems simple enough, I bet she could manage-
… hm, maybe I could manage this….

Wish to Dish

Cheese and carbs, does it get better?

cheese and thyme soda bread recipe wish to dish (2)

Bread is an essential element of most of our diets yet the baking of it is hardly a common place activity. I suspect that this is because many people are scared of yeast; unsure of what is is, how to activate it, where to buy it etc. In fact working with yeast is actually very easy and dare I say it, fun, but today I shall skip over the use of it altogether by introducing you to soda bread. Soda bread uses bicarbonate of soda as it’s leavening agent instead of traditional yeast which means you can have a loaf of it in the oven in the time it takes to brew a cup of tea. There is no kneading and no proving, just quickly scrape the ingredients together and bake.

I have strayed from more traditional recipes, as I tend to do…

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A Proposal

Hawk looked around carefully at his kitchen, pleased with how it had turned out. It was pristine and the food on the counter tops even more so. The best part, was the fact that each dish without exception had chocolate sauce. Hawk had cooked for her. In his apartment, and had invited her over in...... Continue Reading →


*breathes* I will admit, I haven't really gotten more organized. But I have tried to get some more things in order for myself, and I want to get back to... something. Here. So, I am afraid I probably will not be back to weekly posts. But, I will try to do at least two a... Continue Reading →

Brief Hiatus

I'm going to step away from this blog for a month or so, maybe two. We've got plenty of material still, but I'm having the darndest time trying to sort it, clean it up a little so it's easier to read, and post it in some sort of recognizable order. I'm also working on several... Continue Reading →

Talking on a ship

Pirate captain Shida has successfully kidnapped the elder brother on the ship now along with Hawk! So should be able to get whatever ransom she asks for. Meantime, though, there's sill dealing with Hawk... Hawk: *cooking, takes a break, sits outside the kitchen* Shida: *walks by, waves* Seen your brother yet? Hawk: Yes. Yes. He... Continue Reading →

Waiting with Paranoia

1920s. Paris, France. Cade: *has breakfast at her door when she wakes up, -he has asked it be set at her door at 10:00-, as well as a letter saying he's working but will be done by 2, she's welcome to stay with him, or go where she pleases, plus another mention of how lovely... Continue Reading →

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