Hello Again

Hello! It's been a while. If you're still coming here, congrats on holding out! If you're new, welcome! If you haven't noticed, we're shifting the site a little! Don't worry, the old posts and things will still be left up. But Charisma and I have finally been able to spend some time thinking about the... Continue Reading →

Notes on Rehab

When mental health problems get bad enough, sometimes intermittent help isn't quite enough. Sometimes you need to go to a facility equipped to give help 24/7 for a while. And that can be hard, but helpful. I don't plan on addressing it directly (so far), but being in a treatment facility changes a person. It... Continue Reading →

Grief and ED

May includes a lot of things: Ramadan, Get Caught Reading month, Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage month, Tumor awareness month... But I want to focus on Mental Health month. It's an integral part of these romantic escapades, even if it's not always at the forefront, and of life in general. So I'm going to... Continue Reading →

Dancing and Dinner Pt. 2

The music turned on-no, wait. It hadn't ever stopped. Hawk simply noticed it again as he spun around her before taking her in his arms and spinning with her, bodies pressed tightly together as they glided. She never stopped grinning as they danced more; though not as flamboyantly as earlier, it was still just as... Continue Reading →

Cyprus – Baklava — plumtree

Ouf; looks so good. I love baklava. Pretty sure Shida enjoys it when she feels like having dessert. One of the non-chocolate joys of life~ Week two of Cyprus. I was pretty intimidated by the idea of making this. Baklava was Cyprus’ choice of national dish in Cafe Europe, and it seemed only fair to... Continue Reading →

Dancing and Dinner Pt. 1

Hawk paced around, dressed in a black suit with a soft blue shirt under and a tie in his hands. He took a long, shaky breath as he walked, searching for stale dough to play with but none was found. One of the animals had likely eaten it. He swore softly. Where was Shida? Why... Continue Reading →

Parties Only Last So Long

Pirate captain Shida has successfully exchanged the princes (Hawk and Zamir), via cronie pirates of course, and everyone's happy. The pirates got a good amount of ransom, and the princes are safe and back home. So what's the kingdom to do? Celebrate, of course! One week later, because ya gotta plan a party, at least... Continue Reading →

Cheese and Thyme Soda Bread

Super quick, tasty looking bread! Maybe Shida would try this to impress Hawk; maybe not in her outcome, but in her effort, haha.
-though this seems simple enough, I bet she could manage-
… hm, maybe I could manage this….

Wish to Dish

Cheese and carbs, does it get better?

cheese and thyme soda bread recipe wish to dish (2)

Bread is an essential element of most of our diets yet the baking of it is hardly a common place activity. I suspect that this is because many people are scared of yeast; unsure of what is is, how to activate it, where to buy it etc. In fact working with yeast is actually very easy and dare I say it, fun, but today I shall skip over the use of it altogether by introducing you to soda bread. Soda bread uses bicarbonate of soda as it’s leavening agent instead of traditional yeast which means you can have a loaf of it in the oven in the time it takes to brew a cup of tea. There is no kneading and no proving, just quickly scrape the ingredients together and bake.

I have strayed from more traditional recipes, as I tend to do…

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